5 Townsend TN Restaurants You Have to Try When you Stay with Us!

Gorgeous Smoky Mountain views at the Highland Manor Inn.

When you stay in at the Highland Manor Hotel in Townsend TN, you are conveniently close to some great restaurants in Townsend that are a must try. We have a great variety of places for you to try, and they are all locally owned and operated. No need to look for a chain restaurant that might have something you want, you won’t find any here!

Take a look at these 5 Townsend TN restaurants you have got to try when you stay with us!

1. Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro

Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro is a great choice if you prefer vegetarian and vegan dishes. Just because you are in the mountains that does not mean you have to sacrifice your eating habits or change them temporarily! You will find all kinds of choices of food here, and they’re all great too. From light bites to elegant meals, this beautiful bistro is sure to become a favorite for a special occasion. All their ingredients are fresh and easily traced to local growers.

Breakfast at a restaurant in Townsend Tn
townsend breakfast restaurant

2. Riverstone Family Restaurant

This is one of the best places to find home cooked food! No worries about instant potatoes or canned veggies, all of their food is fresh and cooked just the way Grandma made it! You won’t have to drive into Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge in search of homemade food, because Riverstone Family Restaurant is right here, waiting to serve!

3. Carriage House Restaurant

This restaurant offers one of the best buffets in town and is one of our Townsend TN restaurants you don’t want to miss out on! All the food here is homemade, and the desserts are as well. If you want the option of eating what you want, then definitely try this place out. It will be especially great if you have kids because they won’t have to be picky about what they order!

4. Trailhead Steakhouse Restaurants In Townsend

delicious steak with loaded baked potato at Townsend TN restaurant
steak dinner at restaurant

If you are looking for a more refined setting, then Trailhead Steakhouse is the perfect place for you. You will get quality food at the same price or cheaper than you might find in other areas. And you don’t need to worry if you are not in the mood for steak, they have plenty of variety on their menu! They strive to provide great food and an awesome experience that will definitely make you want to come back on your next visit.

5. Black Bear Cafe Restaurant In Townsend

When you look at Townsend TN restaurants, you will realize that all the food is homemade because they aren’t chain restaurants that you can find anywhere. Black Bear Cafe is no exception! A great place to stop ni for some home cooking. Great food and service await.

We know You will absolutely love these restaurants, and we know you will enjoy your stay with us in Townsend TN! So check out our Townsend TN hotel rooms and start booking today!