Time For A Vacation


Has there ever been a better time for a vacation then right now? With everything going on in the world, take a break and get away.

The world has been put on hold for months and we are ready to get out and enjoy life. Our hotel is located in Townsend, TN with beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains. We have a quiet, peaceful community with fresh air and so many fun things to do.

Our rooms are clean and we follow all protocol and safety recommendations that have been set for hotels. It is our primary concern to make sure customers and staff are safe. If you have questions regarding your safety and how e have treated for Covid, please feel free to contact us.

If you are concerned with overcrowding and need space, we understand. Our hotel has plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. Pack your own food and enjoy our picnic areas. We have plenty of outdoor areas for everyone to enjoy while they take in the Smoky Mountain air.

Great Time For A Vacation

Maintaining distance will be a top priority for many as they travel. What better way to practice social distancing then your own car? Enjoy the safety and comforts of your own car as you drive through the Smokies. enjoy nature, wildlife and the scenery as you explore The Smoky Mountains.

Cades Cove and Social Distancing

The cove is An 11-mile, one-way loop of road circling the cove. this offers motorists a great opportunity to safely take in the sights. Traffic may be slow but rest assured the trip is worth it. There is no safer way to maintain distance and enjoy your surroundings. We have the perfect place and now is a great Time For A Vacation. Please watch out for the wildlife and maintain a safe speed for all. Picnic in Cades Cove. The picnic area, which is open year-round, has 81 picnic sites.

Time For A Vacation and Picnic in The Smokies

The Chimney Tops picnic area, has 68 picnic sites and is a great way to spend the day. Several tables sit overlooking the river and are safely placed away from others.

Deep Creek Picnic Area – The Deep Creek picnic area, features a picnic and 10 picnic sites. It is surrounded by mountain streams, wildflowers, and trees.

Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Area = The Metcalf Bottoms picnic area has 122 picnic sites.

Greenbrier Picnic Area – The Greenbrier picnic area, which is open year-round, has 12 picnic sites

Business Open In and Near Townsend

Many of the businesses in our community have reopened. Restaurants, grocery and gas stations. Many of the businesses in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have reopened. Things are slowly getting back to normal as people continue to maintain distance.

We encourage our guests to check with us for availability and specials. Right now our guests that stay for 3 nights will get 20% off of there stay at our Townsend Hotel.


Vacation Destination Townsend

We understand the frustration that many of our customers have faced with travel plans. If you have been waiting to get away now is a great time. Our hotel is safe, clean and surrounded by mountains and fresh air. Close to the Smoky Mountain entrance and an abundance of wildlife and nature.

We encourage you to check our Facebook page for updates and specials. If you need personal assistance we are here for you. Please call us at: