Summer Fun In The Smokies

Beautiful sunset in Cades Cove near Townsend Tn

Summer fun in the Smokies begins with your stay at the Highland Manor Inn. After you are settled in to your hotel room you can begin exploring all of the fun The Smoky Mountains have to offer.

Swimming In A Smoky Mountain River

There is no better way to cool off than to find a swimming hole and get in. Rivers are abundant throughout the Smokies and surrounding towns. The Little River which runs through Townsend is a great place to tube or swim.

Keeping cool on the hottest days can be lots of fun in the Smokies. The waters running through and close to the mountains are always cool and refreshing.


Some popular swimming destinations include:

The Sinks

Little River

The Wye

The Midnight Hole

Not into crowds? Check out these areas for a more secluded water adventure.

Just a little hike to these spots will give you some peace and privacy.

– Little River Trail in Elkmont

– The Middle Prong Trail in Tremont

– The Greenbrier Entrance Road has a few smaller swimming holes that you can enjoy in privacy

Check Out Some Amazing Waterfalls

A trip to the Smoky Mountains would not be complete without visiting the beautiful Smoky Mountain waterfalls found throughout the state park.

Whether you prefer small or large waterfalls, there are an abundance of cascades and falls throughout the Smokies. After rainfall the water makes its way down the mountains, it creates a wonderful sight for everyone. Find the perfect Smoky Mountain Waterfall while you enjoy the scenery:

Some of the more popular Smoky Mountain Waterfalls:

Make sure you are on the lookout as you travel through the park, as there are many hidden gems. There are many smaller waterfalls that you can find as you explore. Here are a list of the more popular waterfalls: found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park-

Abrams Falls:

Found as you make your way through Cades Cove, Abrams Falls is approximately 20 feet high and has a large amount of water that makes its way through. A great visit if you like taking pictures and hiking to explore.

Overall the trail is about 5 miles long and will take a few hours to complete. Well worth the trip for the adventurous type. Bring your walking shoes, camera and water.

Laurel Falls:

Laurel is approximately 80 ft high and is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains. The waterfall has an upper and a lower section, with a walking path through the middle. You can capture some great memories with family and friends at Laurel Falls. The round-trip distance to the waterfall is 2.6 miles and the hike is considered moderate in difficulty. It takes about 2 hours to hike to the waterfall and back. A camera is a must bring, as you can capture a Smoky Mountain Waterfall for lasting memories.

Ramsey Cascades:

The Ramsey Cascades Trail is a steady climb of around 2200 feet in elevation over its 4 mile track. Not an easy climb for all so prepare for a long journey.

Approximately a 8 mile round-trip hike, it is considered challenging. If you are up for the challenge you are in for a treat with all of the sights you will see. Rushing rivers and smooth streams, paths through forests and hidden gems of the Smokies. It takes about 5-7 hours to hike to the Smoky Mountain waterfall and back. Food, water, camera and great shoes for this one.

Summer Fun In The Smokies Cades Cove

Your Summer Adventure and Cades Cove Loop:

A one of a kind road, known as the loop, is an 11-mile, road that circles throughout the cove. Motorists can cruise through and view the wildlife, nature and mountains. Popular with tourists and locals, the loop is always a great place to encounter wildlife in their natural surroundings. Traffic can get quite busy so allow a good amount of time for your visit. Cars pull over on the side of the road quite frequently while traveling through the loop. This allows passengers to get out and view wildlife and take pictures as well.

Cades Cove Attractions

Make sure to stop and check out the 18th and 19th century churches, mill, barns and log houses. These structures are a part of the history of the Cove. You can walk through and take pictures of these amazing structures.

Summer Fun In The Smokies – Hiking The Smoky Mountains

Pick a trail and start your journey. Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing. The same goes for climbing the Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range located along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. If you are new to hiking, know this: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Block a day on your calendar. Get a partner if you can – because the more, the merrier. Now, get to the part to take a glimpse into how unique the Smoky Mountains are. Make sure to pack a camera. The sights are amazing.

Start your Summer Fun in the Smokies with just one call. The Highland Manor Inn would love to have you as our guest. Need help planning out your vacation and which spot to hit first? We are always glad to recommend some of our favorites. Call us to book your room and let the vacation begin: (865) 448-2211