Smoky Mountains Fire Safety

fire safety smoky mountains

Smoky Mountains Fire Safety

The Summer months are a great time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The beautiful colors of the park, nature and wildlife all in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hiking, biking, photography, the scenery and so much more bring people from all over the world to visit The Smoky Mountains. With all of the excitement we sometimes forget that the safety and preservation of animal and plant life of the park is in our own hands. We are all visitors of The Smoky Mountains and should that fire to this region is devastating to those in and around the park. Being a good visitor and being responsible will ensure that all who share the park are safe.

The Smoky Mountains are a place to be enjoyed and have fun. We have found that having fun and being safe is the best way to visit the Smokies. Campers should always make sure they use certified heat-treated firewood that is packaged and clearly marked with a state or federal seal. This type of firewood is heat-treated wood and available from most businesses near the park.

Campers should remember that fires are only allowed at designated campsites and shelters and must be contained in a fire ring.

Additional Fire Safety Tips:

– Campers are not allowed to build their own fire rings.

– Cutting live or standing wood is not allowed.

– Building a fire in the fireplace of any historic structure or removing any parts of a historic structure, including brick or rock, is illegal.

– Burning food, trash or anything other than dead wood is prohibited.

If you are a smoker please do so with the safety of all in mind. Never flick your butts where they don’t belong and make sure to completely put them out when finished. Using water or an appropriate liquid to ensure safety is best.

If you picnic or camp in any area of the park, please make sure you clean the area when finished. Picking up is not only the responsible thing to do to promote cleanliness, but it also gives less debris to burn in the case of a fire.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is meant to be enjoyed by all. Practicing fire safety will help to ensure that those who live and visit here have fun and are protected.