hiking the smoky mountains


Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing. The same goes for climbing the Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range located along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. To find it on the United States map, you should be looking towards the southeast. I tell you the truth; this site is an absolute beauty and rich in history.

Smoky Mountains Hiking History

Back in the days, the Smoky Mountains claimed the badge as the first National Park to be partially federally funded. These mountains are estimated to have been around for about 200 to 300 million years already. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has elevations ranging from 859 feet to more than 6,500 feet.

This park has caves, waterfalls, and 6,643 feet Clingmans Dome, which is the highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains. Many hikers visit to enjoy the company of the 20,203 species whose home is currently the Smoky Mountains National Park. Those hikers are part of the 8-10 million visitors each year. This makes the park the most visited in the whole national park system. The fun fact is that hiking is for everyone in the Smokies. There are numerous trails there, and at least one will be perfect for you. Usually, we do not stop hiking because we are old. It is just that we get old when we stop hiking.

7 things you can do on your when hiking the Smokies

  • When you come to the Great Smoky Mountains, you cannot afford to hike. Perhaps you will challenge yourself with the view of nature from the 6,643 feet Clingmans Dome.
  • The Smokies get even better for hiking because you can go leaf-peeping. It has all these colorful trees that make you feel outside the world. The park has over 100 tree species painting your hike sight orange, yellow, red, and so on.
  • Hiking during winter months is very difficult, but you can still see the frozen waterfall, go downhill at Ober Gatlinburg to meet a black bear family, and of course skiing, and snowboarding.
  • Apart from the hiking experience with your loved one, the Great Smoky Mountains has the perfect spots to spend your romantic vacations. For instance, at the Tennessee-North Carolina state line, you can profess your love in two states at once. You could also get married in a mountain forest or a pioneer cabin.
  • If your children are tagging along, I bet they are set for one of their most memorable experiences. A cool spot for the young lads is the Cades Cove. At Cades Cove, they can ride their bikes. They are not only limited to the tidy roads of Cades Cove because the park also makes sure there is an opportunity to bike on the dirty roads as well.
  • Your visit to the Great Smoky Mountains could be a family adventure. Different families can come around for competitions such as hiking, crafts, swimming, campfire fun, and wildfire demonstration.
  • Your hiking experience cannot be over just yet without checking out any of the park’s 90 historic buildings. You will be amazed by the sight of churches, mills, barns, and cabins. Even more, the park is surrounded by gateway towns with souvenirs for hikers and visitors.

Hiking The Smoky Mountains Is For Everyone

If you are new to hiking, know this: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Block a day on your calendar. Get a partner if you can – because the more, the merrier. Now, get to the part to take a glimpse into how unique the Smoky Mountains are. You can travel around your hiking experience as it seems the fittest to you; either you want to walk/climb the trails, drive your car through the scenic drives, ride a horse, or you will like to explore the nature of the Smokies on your bike. Do not forget other options, such as swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing, etc.

After reading some of the Great Smoky Mountains enticing features, I am sure you cannot wait to visit. You sure will be glad to surround yourself with the beauty of the Mountains. We will also like to help you achieve this. Click the link below to get help from us for a smooth hiking experience at the Smoky Mountains.