5 Tips for Planning Your Smoky Mountains Hike

Beautiful sunset in Cades Cove near Townsend Tn

1. Choosing a Place To Stay

Great weather is near and for those who love to hike that means adventure. For hikers that are looking for a great place to stay, the Highland Manor Inn is located just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains national park. The hotel staff make you feel at home and are always there to help with any questions about the Smokies.

Now that you have a place to stay taken care of we will get to the essentials of planning your next hiking adventure. Hiking through the Smoky Mountains provides a chance to explore nature, view wildlife and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Hiking is a fun event for everyone involved. Make sure to follow these tips for a successful and safe hiking trip.

2. Choose a trail that is right for you:

With so many options, the Smokies offer a tremendous number of hiking opportunities. Take in to account the level of skill and health of all who plan to make the hike. Whether you go alone, with family or a group, its best to pick a hiking trail that is best for all involved. The Chimney Tops (Click here to visit their website) Trail is one of the most popular trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and offers some of the most beautiful views in the world. This trail does make for a steep climb as it gains 1,400 feet in a 2 mile span. For this reason it may not be suited for the casual hiker or anyone with an injury.

3. Hiking Essentials

Planning for your hiking trip is the key to a successful outing. Now that you have a place to stay and you have picked your hiking trail, its time to know what to bring. Proper Footwear for your hiking trip should be a priority. This should not be questioned, seeing as you will be on your feet the majority of the time and will need shoes that give you comfort and stability for the duration of your hike. Some other essentials for hiking in the Smoky Mountains, make sure to bring a map, water, food and safety items. Some of these include flashlight, matches for fire and a first aid kit. Carrying a knife or tools is also important.

4. Check the Weather

Following the Weather for the area you are going to hike is very important. The weather should be checked regularly,meaning every few hours leading up to your Smoky Mountains Hiking trip. No one factor will have as much impact on your hike as the weather. Knowing what to expect will help you plan, pack and avoid.

5. Pack Smart

Being prepared and packing the essentials for your hiking in the Smokies is key, just don’t overdo it. Make sure you have enough water, food and safety essentials, but remember you will be carrying the load. Pack what you need but keep it light.

Now that you are all set for the hike in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park remember that you are visiting and treat the park and those that live there with respect and kindness. There should be no clue that you were ever there. please do not leave behind personal items, trash or anything that pollutes the park. We are blessed to have such a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy these tips and safe Hiking!